Guidelines for Participating in The Experiments

We are interested in the opinions of people of all denominations. We invite fair, open and honest discussion and we will not foreclose good faith dissent or sincere objections. However, we will not abide intolerance, a contentious spirit, blatant foolishness, vicious debate, unreasonable attacks, name calling, or a disposition to interfere with smooth running of the Experiments.

Neither is this the place to post lengthy treatises that do not directly respond to the specific Experiment. Brief concise responses from the heart and spirit are best and are more likely to be read by visitors.  Responses that do not comply with these guidelines will not be posted to the site and will not be considered in the analysis or findings related to the Experiments.

We hope to attract mature men and women who are sincerely seeking answers and who are willing to respect the views of others without condemnation.  We are looking to attract those who are willing to make an effort to find the common thread that unites man to man, and man to his celestial family.