The Experiments

Important Introduction to the Experiment | Why Experiments are Presented and How they are Conducted

Guidelines For Participating in the Experiments | In each Experiment, we will set forth the Background and Observation for each topic and make a Hypothesis and Prediction. Then we will propose provocative questions for our readers to respond to. We will post those responses that meet our Guidelines. After a reasonable amount of time, we will write our Analysis and Findings of the Experiment.

The Experiments

1. Laying the Foundation | Jesus introduced a spiritual Jubilee – a new way of free living that has been submerged for centuries. Can we uncover it and regain our liberty? What stands in the way.

2. Abandoning "Old Wine" and New "Kool-Aid" | Recognizing the roadblocks to finding the true essence of Christianity. How we remove them? Is it possible to gain salvation without them?

3. Awaiting the Second Coming | Has Christianity gotten the Second Coming all wrong? Can a readjustment in understanding the First Coming help explain the Second Coming?

4. Understanding Deity, The First Cause | What is Deity? Is there a true controversy between religion and science? If so, can identifying the common ground bring science and religion together?

5. Understanding Deity, Personalized Deity | How does a timeless spaceless Deity enter His Creation? How does a timeless spaceless Deity interact with His creation?

6. Experiment No. 6 is a very forward thinking experiment, not for spiritual babes. It requires an open mind and critical thinking ability. If you are interested in taking this Experiment, click the Experiment link below.

Experiment No. 6 - Is There More Out There? Embark on a search for greater knowledge -- like Bible Scholars

7. Beyond the Experiments (coming soon)