Experiment No. 6 | A New Revelation?

Our Analysis and Findings

In Experiment No. 6, we presented the possibility that The Urantia Book is a new revelation to mankind. We wanted to know if the visitors to this website are open to the possibility of a new revelation, or whether they believe God wants 21st century mankind to limit their spiritual search to the four corners of the canonized Bible. We want to examine the potential effect such a book could have on the world of religion in general, and on Christianity in particular. In the way the New Testament writings dramatically changed the world, we wondered if this new revelation could kickstart a new religious paradigm through which the long hoped for peace on earth could be achieved.

The responses we have received thus far have been overwhelmingly positive. It seems that there is an undercurrent of stagnation and a feeling of being on a treadmill, even among the most zealous Christians. Frankly, we are pleasantly surprised at the open mindedness of so many people. Our generation is truly roving about, hungering for a greater revelation of God, Jesus, The Bible and, more importantly, truth. And they are not opposed to that revelation being delivered by benevolent celestial personalities. In fact, some believe that this is the best way to deliver an untainted revelation.

The Urantia Book allows the reader to take a longer walk and a more comprehensive journey with Jesus beyond the four gospels of The Bible. Those who have taken the time to read Part IV about the Life and Teachings of Jesus have been encouraged and their faith strengthened. This is the type of effect one would expect from a new revelation of truth. Man is growing tired of waiting and waiting for a so-called apocalyptic end. They are beginning to realize that if the expected end does not come in the next few years, man will need a new revelation if Bible-originated religions are going to continue and flourish. It appears the timing of this Experiment is spot on!

At this time, we invite you to visit our sister website AskSeekandKnock where we provide further information on The Urantia Book that may benefit experienced readers and new readers alike. You can read The Urantia Book free online at the Find link. And feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and questions with us.

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