Experiment No. 5 | Understanding Deity - Personalized Deity

What Others Are Saying

Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England (UK)

This is the most profound explanation I have seen to date and oozes logic. I have not come across thoughts like this that give a basis for the primitive events as contained in the OT. Yes you describe it how I have always thought about it but were afraid to mention it.

Too many folk are hung up on whether Jesus is a Trinity or whether he is God etc but should quantify this in the written word. Your illustration captures the scriptural explanation of him being an image of Almighty God (Col 1:15/16). This will conflict with some centuries old doctrines, but in my opinion & other open minded folk, makes it so much clearer and easier to work with.

The way your illustration shows ties in with all the scriptures pertaining to the Christ. There are many religions who will traverse land & sea to try & prove to folks that the Christ is the Almighty even though they fly in the face of Scripture.

Taos, New Mexico – AGREE

Many Christians today have a distorted view of God because they take the Old Testament literally when it says that YHWH commanded the Israelites to kill every man, woman, and child of a certain nation. I ask how could a loving Father as described by Jesus do and command such blood thirsty things that it repulses us? Easy answer, He didn't. What is more likely? That our Father the very embodiment of unconditional love acted in heinous ways that even most humans would consider disgusting OR the Israelites wanted the land of those tribes and convinced themselves that God ordered them to wipe them out? Some may resort to the excuse that those Canaanites were pagan worshipping heathens. But is there ever an excuse for the wholesale slaughter of children? Since time immemorial people have been convincing themselves that their opponents are subhuman and therefore deserve to be wiped out. This is spiritual darkness not a commandment from our loving heavenly Father.

Australia - AGREE

1. No you did not get it wrong - it makes sense.
2. To see Jesus in the light that you present him, as the exact representation of God, makes it so much easier to understand and love our heavenly Father. In the person of Jesus we are able to see that the Universe is a fair and friendly place. After thinking about this I have no reservations about embarking on the heavenly adventure of eternity.
3. The simplest thing to do is to envision Jesus as if he was God on earth. So it's logical then to follow Jesus' teaching to the letter of the law, as they say. Everything else that religion has put forward is a primitive attempt to explain the unknown.