Experiment No. 5 | Understanding Deity - Personalized Deity

Our Analysis and Findings

The responses to date support the reasonableness of a God of personality. Some, including those who responded privately, found solace in the conflicting views of God as presented in the Old Testament and the New Testament. We hope this Experiment shows that when conflicts do arise, the wise approach is to widen our perspective to consider new possibilities. In that consideration, truth can emerge.

The idea of expanding our perspective puts us in the position of gaining greater facts leading to greater truths. It requires courage to step out of our limited boxes and take that leap of faith as Jesus encouraged when he said to ‘keep on seeking, keeping on asking, keep on knocking.’

Our next experiment – Experiment No. 6 – A New Revelation? – is an adventure in courage designed to open our minds and invoke critical thinking. It is a very forward thinking experiment, not for spiritual babes. If you are interested in taking this Experiment, click the link and prepare yourself to receive answers you have always wanted, and answers to question you did not know to ask. Please review this new experiment and feel free share your thoughts.

NOTE: All of our Experiments will remain posted to the site as we strongly believe, as time passes, more and more people will stumble across them and be truly enlightened.  So, please do not hesitate to share the links to these Experiments with your family and friends.