Experiment No. 4 | Understanding Deity - The First Cause -

Our Analysis and Findings

The responses to date support the idea that science and religion are studying the same phenomena – Deity – and that, among open minded individuals, common ground can be found.

We encourage both the religionist and the scientist to be open to this idea as they pursue their endeavors, understanding that they are both searching for a greater understanding of God.

As we consider this topic of Understanding Deity, we hope to present more ideas that will draw science and religion closer.  Our next Experiment – Experiment No. 5 – Understanding Deity, Personalized Deity, examines how the person of God is revealed to man, without violating sound reasoning. Please review this new experiment and feel free share your thoughts.

NOTE: All of our Experiments will remain posted to the site as we strongly believe, as time passes, more and more people will stumble across them and be truly enlightened.  So, please do not hesitate to share the links to these Experiments with your family and friends.