Experiment No. 3 | Awaiting the Second Coming

Our Analysis and Findings

The overall consensus of those who responded is that the mainstream view of the Second Coming of Christ is wrong.  Everything Jesus taught during his First Coming points to a far more positive and liberating experience when he comes a second time. Respecting Jesus as the Prince of Peace actually gives peace to those who trust his message during his First Coming.  And it give us a meaningful, positive and uplifting work to do, not merely a proclamation of doom and gloom.

We know that this unique view of the Second Coming would cause a major upheaval in many Christian sects, especially those founded on eschatology and end time prophecies. But those sects can rejuvenate themselves and be reborn according to the true “good news” of a loving Sovereign and his Merciful Father.

We look forward to a time when our world will be prepared to receive the Christ once again.  And we are determined to do our part to spread his message of liberty and freedom to the ends of the earth.  We hope many, many others will join us.

But there are other obstacles that must be removed in order for us to move forward as a united human race.  One such obstacle is the controversy between religion and science. We believe the controversy can be minimized and probably eliminated as both sides come to understand Deity and its implications. We will examine a first step toward mending the divide in the next experiment – Experiment No. 4 – Understanding Deity, The First Cause.  Please review this new experiment and feel free to share your thoughts.

NOTE: All of our Experiments will remain posted to the site as we strongly believe, as time passes, more and more people will stumble across them and be truly enlightened.  So, please do not hesitate to share the links to these Experiments with your family and friends.