Experiment No. 2 | Abandoning "Old Wine" and New "Kool Aid"

Our Analysis and Findings

The overall consensus of those who responded is that mankind can gain salvation by focusing on Jesus’ plain and open teachings alone, without rehashing and reviving Jewish history or trying to decipher prophecy. Thus, the way to life is clear and unencumbered by ‘partial knowledge’ and faulty speculations.

If more Christians focused on the simple, clean message of Jesus, the heavy burden of rituals and intrusive commands of men would be lifted, and much of man’s anxiety about the future would be ameliorated.

However, one great anxiety remains – Christianity’s expectation of the Second Coming of Christ accompanied by the great war of Armageddon.  The urgent and fearful expectation of these events have tainted the beautiful message of the good news of the kingdom with dark overtones of doom and gloom.  But could it be that Christianity has got the Second Coming all wrong?  We will examine that subject in the next experiment – Experiment No. 3 - Awaiting the Second Coming. Please examine this new experiment and share your thoughts.