Experiment No. 1 | Laying the Foundation

Our Analysis and Findings

Two weeks after we posted Experiment No. 1, we received eight written responses that the authors allowed us to publish. We have since received several responses in private and we encourage more to openly participate.

All but one agree with the premise that a return to the authentic teachings of Jesus can change the world. The majority believe that the solutions to the problems we face in this world rest with mankind and are due to our own inability, or refusal, to know and follow the authentic Christ. They see the errors of mainstream Christianity and the dangers of sectarianism, yet they remain optimistic about the prospect of changing the world by introducing the world to the authentic Christ in all his actual glory.

These brothers and sisters are coming to know Christ for themselves and are beginning to experience the freedom from doctrine, dogma, and the spiritual control of priests and so-called reverent men, just as Jesus intended nearly 2,000 years ago. That is the intent of this ministry – helping people to find the authentic Christ for themselves and encouraging them to tell others. We want our visitors to duplicate themselves so that one by one, we develop a strong united worldwide brotherhood that, by its mere existence, changes the world. This, of course, is not an overnight solution. It will take time, but we see the development of just such a brotherhood.

The overall consensus is that Christianity as it is practiced today is not the religion Jesus practiced and not a religion Jesus would be proud of. This is good news on the one hand because it shows that the message Jesus brought has not been rejected. It simply has not yet been preached as extensively as is needed. So it leaves open the door and the hope that if Christianity were to become the religion Jesus practiced, it could and would attract the favorable attention of the non-Christian world, including atheist and agnostics.

All, but one person, believe that Christianity can make that change and if it did, the world would change. Our dissenting visitor remains convinced that Christianity is doomed and cannot be saved. He does not believe the authentic message of Jesus will cause any measurable change in the world because he does not believe that the work of preaching Jesus’ authentic message is the work that Jesus wants done at this time.

It is hard to convince people that the Father and Christ Jesus work through men and women who have consecrated themselves to doing the will of the Father. People such as our dissenter fully expect God himself or Christ Jesus to appear bodily or materially on the planet and cause some type of miraculous and dynamic upheaval. They remain stuck in the ancient Jewish mindset of condemnation and destruction instead of the Christ-mindset of forgiveness and salvation. We believe a major reason for this expectation is because Christianity remains entwined in the ‘old wine’ of the Jewish system and continues to be misled by the doctrines and philosophies of men. We address these roadblocks in the next experiment, Experiment No. 2 - Abandoning Old Wine and New “Kool-Aid.”

To those who participated in this Experiment, and to those who looked on but for one reason or another chose not to post their opinion, we ask that you put your faith behind your belief.  We encourage more of our visitors to share their thoughts. Where do you stand on this issue? Do you think it is possible for Christianity to return to what Jesus originally expected of his followers? If so, what will it take? And more importantly, what are you willing to do to effect such a change in your surroundings?

Those who take the lead in Christian fellowships, endeavor to move your fellowship more in line with what Jesus actually taught. Those who have the ear of others who are taking the lead, share your thoughts about what types of changes can be made.  And to all others, learn what Jesus actually taught and imitate him. These are the ways we can prove that Jesus’ first coming had real meaning to our world. We can prove that Jesus’ message is of divine origin and has the power to bring heaven down.

We welcome your comments.

NOTE: All of our Experiments will remain posted to the site as we strongly believe, as time passes, more and more people will stumble across them and be truly enlightened.  So, please do not hesitate to share the links to these Experiments with your family and friends.